Is your computer running slow? If so, did you know that most computers have a mechanical hard drive? In order for your computer to find a file, a small mechanical arm must move and physically locate the file. While this happens very fast, it does take time when many files are used to run a program. If you drop your laptop, this small mechanical arm can crash into the disk causing failure and loss of data. Over time, mechanical hard drives will start to slow down and the result can be frustrating as you wait minutes for both your computer and programs to start.

The solution?

Let Sean install a SSD (Solid State Disk). Not only does an SSD run on average ten times faster, they have no moving parts! They also increase battery life on laptops. Mechanical hard drives take 10-20 milliseconds to find the start of a file, but a solid state drive takes only 0.1 milliseconds. That is over 100 times faster. Files can be broken up into hundreds of pieces and programs can require hundreds of files to run, so this adds up quickly. Worse, as hard drives age they start to have spots in the hard drive that are no longer usable. This means that files can’t be stored all in one place, which only compounds the problem. When it comes to loading files, mechanical hard drives will average 10-50 megabytes per second while a SSD will average 500 megabytes per second. This is 10-50 times faster than a mechanical hard drive.

So what does this mean for you? When you turn on a computer with a SSD it will take anywhere from 3-15 seconds to load Windows or Mac OSX. How long does it take you now? Applications will open instantly and you will no longer have to  go do something else while your computer starts or a program opens. Internet browsing speed will also increase. The difference is quite shocking to someone who has not experienced what a SSD can do for your computer.

So how much will this cost me?

An SSD ranges from $70-200 dollars for the drive depending on size; most fall in the lower range. If everything goes well and I do not need to re-install your operating system, labor averages about $35. The difference it will make on your stress levels caused by waiting for a slow computer to load more than makes up for the upfront cost. It will also save on repair bills in the future, since the repair technician will not waste time waiting for the computer to load programs.